For different events and parties throughout the year, the teachers are in need of assistance in the classroom.  Our PTA Members have graciously volunteered to serve as Homeroom Moms and Dads to organize and run these events.  Additional support is often needed in the classroom as well.  If you would like to participate in any of these events in your student's classroom and your clearances are on file, feel free to reach out to the Homeroom Mom or Dad assigned to your child's class.

Mrs. Pratte - Kristy Otto and Heather Leopardi
Mrs. Doria - Carrie Smetana
First Grade
Mrs. H-K - Karen Ahart 
Mr. Klacik -  Jennifer Johnson
Second Grade
Mrs. Cutone - Beth & Ray Butter
Mrs. Buchanan - Tara Crawford 
Third Grade
Mrs. Cox - Twyla Clark and Megan Crisi
Mrs. Glatz - Lori Frueh 
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Palochak - Julie Yoder 
Mrs. O'Brien - None Assigned