Summertime LEXIA Access

Important Information from the District concerning Summer LEXIA Access for our students:


LEXIA will be available to students and families throughout the summer. To log in, continue to use the same username and password students were using throughout the year. If your student has a QR code, that will still work as well.

If your student is using the program please keep an eye on their apple color in the lower corner. If at any time it turns red, it means that they are struggling with the concept in the program they are working on. To help them stay positive in the program it is recommending not to have them continue struggling in a concept for very long. During the year this is when a teacher based intervention is usually delivered. However since this will be during the summer that will not be available. We are suggesting that if you can help them with a side lesson and let them try again, please do, however if you do not feel comfortable with trying to intervene, just have them try other lessons. If they get to a point where they cannot progress, do not worry, just have them do other activities and do not force them through the program any further if they need assistance we will pick up with them in the fall.

If you do not have the account sign-in information, the district does not have supports for the program over the summer. There will be no Technology Department staff availability for password resets or lookups. We apologize for this inconvenience. The department did not anticipate the demand for the program during the summer. The district hopes to build summer supports in the future as part of our continued support for literacy in the district.

Wishing you a wonderful summer!